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Aluminum Free Deodorant- Solid
Aluminum Free Deodorant- Solid
Aluminum Free Deodorant- Solid
Aluminum Free Deodorant- Solid

Aluminum Free Deodorant- Solid

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Ever notice a film on your underarms? How about underarm boils? It's all from using aluminum based antiperspirant. The aluminum in antiperspirant prevent toxins from exiting the body, resulting in boils and other bad effect. Aluminum in antiperspirant has also been directly linked to cancer and other chronic diseases.

Fancy Free cares! Stay fresh all day without aluminum now in SOLID. Fancy Free Aluminum Free Deodorant is designed to counter the toughest odors. Tried other deodorants that irritate your underarms? It's probably the baking soda that is widely used in most deodorants. We have a winning formula that does not include baking soda, which can cause sensitivity in skin that is prone to eczema. Use it on your underarms, your feet, or any other crease on your body.

With ingredients that come from the earth and the kitchen:

  • Magnesium Hydroxide (MgOH): Active ingredient in milk of magnesia, fights body odor
  • Bentonite Clay: Fights body odor and detoxes lymph nodes in the underarm area
  • Arrowroot Powder: Absorbs moisture
  • Beeswax: Fights body odor causing bacteria, holds everything together
  • Coconut Oil: Fights body odor causing bacteria
  • Fragrance Oil: So we smell good

You think natural deodorants don't work for you? Maybe your body needs time to adjust. Your underarms may need a detox. Your body will thank you for committing to healthier options for deodorant.


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