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And Here's the Conflict.....

This whole Drake vs. Meek Mill conflict brings up a lot of items for discussion. But lets focus in on the claims that started the whole thing. Meek Mill was upset about something and then started spilling all the dirt....that's not really dirt. Drake has a ghost writer. So what. No seriously. Who cares that Drake has a ghostwriter. Everyone does. You need help to stay on top of day to day business AND continue to put out music as regularly as Drake does.

What Meek fails to realize is that Drake is the talent. Drake is very good at what he does and he is also very versatile. People want him to perform their work. I mean would you rather hear Beyonce perform 1+1 or The Dream? No disrespect to The Dream but it's just that sometimes the talent gets the shine because......they are the talent. LOL! It's that simple. If you look on the writing credits for some of pop culture's biggest icons, they all have multiple people listed on each song. All of them.

Who cares if Drake doesn't write everything. People are still going to buy Drake's music, no matter who wrote it. No artist writes every single thing they perform or record. We know Drake has written and can write. Clearly. If Drake has a ghostwriter, let that ghost get paid. Geez.
Don't try to take food out of the ghost's mouth, Meek.

We thought Meek and Drake were cool. Putting secret society knowledge on blast says more about Meek than the "tea" says about Drake. My mama always taught me to keep my private business private. Everyone doesn't have to know your business and they shouldn't. The best way to resolve issues with a person is directly with that person. Most misunderstandingss are just that, misunderstandings that manifested because of a lack of communication. Use your words, Meek. Use your words.

What lessons can we learn from this situation? Everyone that you associate with ain't your friend. Period. Keep your secrets close to your chest. Let people prove their loyalty before you reveal potentially damaging information to them. Pay close attention to how someone responds to other people when they don't get their way. If they are talking smack about someone else around you, telling everyone else's business, it's only a matter of time before they're telling yours. When someone tries to put you on blast, don't retaliate, just state the obvious. In the end, petty and witty will always beat angry and argumentative. Not that it's always about winning but....it's always about winning. LOL!

I don't have an opinion on how it could have been handled better because, quite frankly, I have been entertained by all of the shenanigans. That's what it was supposed to do, right? Entertain us. For me, I prefer to address conflict directly. Even when I'm in the wrong. I address, try to resolve, and move on. I'm not one to hold grudges but I WILL cut someone off after forgiving them. Like "I forgive you but you're not gonna give me your behind to kiss on MULTIPLE occasions. Nope."

Enjoy your Fancy Life....as drama free as possible.

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