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Cellular Repair - We Have Found The Fountain Of Youth

Almost all sickness and disease begins at the cellular level. Illness is caused by an outside agent invading the body, called an infection, or the person has damaged cells. A multitude of factors cause daily cellular damage. Every day wear and tear. Infectious agents causing harm. Mutations of the DNA that occur during the growth cycle. The body cannot repair itself as quickly in adult years as it did in adolescence. In some cases the damage cannot be repaired at all. The inability to repair cellular damage is why some conditions are strictly associated with old age.

Children under the age of 8 years old tend to sleep a lot. They are in a stage of growth. Their cells are multiplying at the fastest rate of their lives. In adolescence and teenager years, cell growth and multiplying slows down and cellular repair increases. In the adult years, combined with the perils of life, like drinking, smoking, poor diet, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, stress, pollution, so on and so forth decreases the body's ability to repair itself. This ability also naturally decreases with age.

Typically, damage occurs internally or externally. The internal damage comes from infection and mutations. During an infection, a foreign particle invades cells causing damage or the cellular death. The body has mechanisms in place to remove the foreign body. These kinds of infections are usually caused by viruses and parasite, that depend on invading and infecting cells for their own survival and multiplication. In most cases, infection causes death of the cells as the infecting agent proliferates. Some damage can be repaired and other times it cannot. The body removes irreparable cells. Illness is the result of damage cells that cannot be removed from the body. People with type 2 diabetes have damaged insulin receptors on their cells. DNA mutations that allow the cells to live indefinitely cause cancer. Cells should have a finite life cycle. However, if they are not dying, they remain in the body and cause complications.

Repairing damaged cells in a timely fashion is the key to slowing processes that result in age related diseases and can even look like age reversal. When seeking the fountain of youth, look for products that help with cell repair. Everything we need to stay healthy and young is already on this earth. Start with your diet and then dietary supplements. Adding niagen to your diet will greatly improve your cellular repair and help prevent diseases associated with old age.

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