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Since July 20, 2011, Baltimore City has been experiencing a heat wave. So today, I decided to take a different route to work in order to pick up a Mocha Frappe` from McDonald's instead of having my usual hot tea or coffee. I thought this was a pretty good idea, considering it was 88 degrees at 7:30am.
I digress, as I approached my job from a different angle, I noticed a building that my company had been scheduled to demolish by June 30 as an effort to make our campus appear more welcoming and obvious. I will conclude that they are running a little behind schedule considering that today's date is July 22. The reason I even paid attention to it was because the demolition of this building was the topic of "Break Room Discussion" yesterday. The discussion went as follows:
Co-Worker 1: When are they supposed to tear that building down?
Co-Worker 2: I THOUGHT by the end of June. I guess they are running behind schedule.
Co-Worker 3: What is so hard about tearing a building down? Just get a wrecking ball and wreck it.
*laughter from all three*
The discussion got me thinking about everyday life and how everyone claims to have "haters" nowadays.
For those who have true haters, you have to take it as a compliment. Tearing someone down is easy just like demolishing a building, way easier than using that energy to build something of their own. Their negative efforts are a reflection of how they feel about themselves. Be it envy or low self-esteem, haters hate what you represent, not you.
My Daddy's response when I would complain about something being hard was "If it were easy, everyone would be doing it." Meaning, demolition is easy, building is the hard part. So brush your shoulders off, keep going, continue building your empire. Don't you pay those haters no never mind. Remember, you have to have built something in order for someone to try to demolish it.
God bless.

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