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Health Care Reform - What Is It And Why Do We Need It?

Since health care insurance was established, the cost to have it has increased exponentially in the United
States. There is much evidence to support the health care providers have not been efficient in the way they provide service. Ordering unnecessary tests. Requiring in office visits for every single ailment. Billing for multiple services and in some cases, over billing. There was a time when insurance companies would reimburse these providers for every single billable item causing the cost of insurance to skyrocket. Increasing costs of healthcare insurance has made it so expensive that it is unattainable to millions of Americans. While reform will decrease the amount of money going into the pockets of providers and other companies, it is the only course of action that will make health care within reach of millions of Americans.

It is not uncommon for someone to pass away from a condition that could have been prevented had it been caught it the early stages. There are hundreds of thousands of cases that escalate because the patient did not visit the doctor during early stages of symptoms due to lack of healthcare insurance. Most bankruptcy cases include medical bills. In fact, medical bills affect many American's credit score. Why are medical bills such a burden to so many in the United States? Physicians not being held to a standard of efficiency that is cost effective. This is where health care reform is important and steps in to lower the cost of healthcare so that it is affordable to all.

The government is stepping in and holding health care providers accountable to make sure they are not over billing patients and having ethical relationships with manufacturers of healthcare products. This means that the billing of medicare and medicaid patients is being scrutinized to make sure doctors are running unnecessary tests and performing unnecessary procedures. Healthcare providers are being held accountable for the quality of care given to patients. No more billing insurance companies for readmitting a patient multiple times within one week for the same illness. In the past, manufacturers of drugs and devices would offer perks to physicians for "trying" their new product. Health care reform is put in place to regulate those kinds of relationships that prove to be unethical.

Health care reform is such a controversial topic because money is involved. Health care providers are, not only, going to see a decrease in net profits they will also have to make significant changes in the way they are practicing medicine. Change is a difficult thing for many to embrace. However, these changes will allow American citizens to access the medical care they need, when they need it without breaking the bank.

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