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Lesson Learned

So, after dealing with some family drama. I have come up with a list of life lessons that I took away from the situation. Afterall, what is the point of going through drama if you can't learn anything from it?
1. Never lower your standards:
If you have high standards for how you expect people to treat you, maintain them. You most likely have these standards because you treat people with these same high standards.
2. Be willing to accept your role and apologize:
Have your humble pie with ice cream, but have it. An apology can go a long way, especially when it's genuine. The blame game won't get you anywhere.
3. Accept that everyone does not see things the way you do:
God created us all differently. Imagine that! Any situation can be interpreted a number of ways. Be open to the other party's view.
4. Everything isn't for the internet:
We all take to social network to vent or express our feelings. People are always watching, even when we aren't expecting them to be. If you must vent, be as vague as possible.
5. Stand your ground:
After all is said and done. Harsh words are exchanged, tears flow, and apologies are exchanged....or in my case, not exchanged. Stand up for what you believe is right and continue to do what is right. Righteousness will prevail in the end.
6. Don't take everything personal:
People's actions toward you, while they may effect you significantly, aren't always a direct result of how they feel about you. Even in situations when they are, brush it off and keep it moving. Don't give them the satisfaction of seeing you rattled, if that was their intention.
7. Be honest:
No matter how much the truth hurt, a lie that is revealed later does MUCH more damage. Your integrity follows you way longer than the hurt you cause.
8. Realize that everyone isn't for you and doesn't like you:
This can also apply to family. Accept it and move on.
9. God gives you what you need when you think you're missing something:
Be it people, money, things, or resources, God is always right on time. When someone let's you down, don't worry, He's got you.
10. Pray about it:
While it's the simplest advice and seems easy, it can be the hardest thing to do before reacting when you in the middle of going through a situation. However, in any situation, usually the hardest thing to do is the right thing to do. Remember, righteousness always prevails.

You learn about yourself when confronted with strife. The more strife, the bigger the lesson. Sometimes we look and the negative in a complicated situation. I like to think that God is preparing me for something big as we naviate through one situation and into another. No rest for the weary but usually the weary are very wise.

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