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On the Commuter Train

Commuting to work can be very interesting on the MARC train Penn Line. I have taken on the hobby of people watching instead of reading in order to pass the time on the train. While watching random people and their actions, it causes me to ask myself, "Is this normal?"
  1. Extremely pronounced arm swinging while walking at a fast pace. Does this make you walk faster? Or does walking fast cause this?
  2. Pocket protectors attached to your belt. WTH?!?!
  3. Waking someone up to ask if the seat next to them is taken. Does the pashmina over my head and earphones in my ear not communicate clearly that I don't want to be bothered? Do you not see the lunch bag, purse, AND shopping bag in the seat, indicating it belongs to someone who only left to go to the restroom? Do you NOT see the other 4 people sitting in this section? Couldn't you have asked one of them?
  4. Cutting someone off only to stop in front of them on the escalator. Everyone is in a rush to get home or to work, please keep it moving or step behind people who are moving.
  5. Overweight people. I don't want to sit next to one, as they ALWAYS spill over in to the seat next to them. They impede my commute time by walking slowly in front of me and I can't get around them. They stand on the down escalator. Please, PLEASE, do us all a favor and walk down the escalator. It can't POSSIBLY take THAT much energy.
  6. Eating chips, candy, and other finger foods after touching all of the hand rails and buttons on public transportation. All I have to say is, EEEEEWWWWW!!!!
  7. Crowding around the exit in order to be the first person to exit the train. Is the 30 seconds saved by doing that REALLY going to make a big difference? Do you think I, who have a seat by the door, want to look at your crotch or butt?
  8. Loud cell phone conversations about personal business. Nuff said!
  9. Loud conversations, period. Do you see all of the people with their eyes closed? Do you really think they want to hear you gab on about your kids, your day at work, your hairdresser, your plans for the weekend, etc? Please keep conversations between you and the other person involved, the whole train doesn't need to hear it.
  10. Smells....the good, the bad, and the ugly. Do you think it is necessary to smell up 8 square feet surrounding you? If you leave car parked all day and smell your cologne/perfume when you return to it in the evening, you MIGHT be putting on too much. How do you think your fellow commuter train patrons feel? How do you think your co-workers feel? Please consider showering within 10 hours of boarding the commuter train-some people prefer to shower at night instead of in the morning. Body odor is unacceptable after the age of 7.

In general, I enjoy my commute on the MARC train. I can focus on anything I want to BESIDES driving. The pashmina over my head and headphones generally block out any nuisances, with the exception listed in #3. I know I'll have to do it for at least a year, so I'll just find the humor in all of the people watching I can do.

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