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Random Things About Me

There has been a "chain-letter" of sorts going around on Facebook. I thought it was fun, so I decided to post a list of random things on my blog. I won't number them since I have a lot. Tee hee.
  • My favorite color is green, not just because it's my maiden name but because I really like it.
  • I hate bras. I prefer to wear a camisole with support.
  • I just recently learned how to help people see me for the nice, fun person that I really am. People used to think I was mean.
  • I cheated on every boyfriend I ever had, until I started dating my husband.
  • I like nice things, but I'm cheap. My husband bought me most of my big ticket items. If I bought it, it was only after hearing his infamous "You're gonna be killin' 'em with this hotness" speech.
  • My husband is my personal stylist. I don't feel comfortable going out without his approval of my ensemble...if he didn't pick it out.
  • I can cook, although most people assume because I'm pretty and spoiled, I can't.
  • I don't like ketchup.
  • I used to think I was Aaliyah, now I think I'm Beyonce'.
  • I want children but I'm scared to get pregnant and have to push them out.
  • I like working out but I hate sweating.
  • I'm insecure about my hands and feet so I visit my local spa weekly for a mani/pedi.
  • It makes me nervous that I am becoming more like my mother as I get older.
  • I sometimes wish that I was a musician.....yes, even if it is a starving one.
  • I'm very independent but I like to feel safe and taken care of.
  • It hurts my feelings that my half-sister doesn't really like me because of things her mother told her.
  • Sometimes I cry, in private, because I can't believe how blessed I am. Even after all of the crappy stuff I've done.
  • I have a big secret that I've kept from my husband. I'm not sure how, when, or even if I'm going to tell him.
  • I think highly of myself but I am sometimes shocked to hear that other people think highly of me too.
  • My husband drives me nuts!!! But, I miss him when he's not around.
  • I talk too much when I've been drinking.
  • I get REALLY hot when I sleep, but I can't sleep unless I have covers on me.
  • I color coordinate my towels and rotate them in the linen closet after they've been washed as to prevent preferential usage leading to unequal fading among the set. I know, that's my one OCD behavior.
  • My pastor told me that I have the gift of influence, but I don't know how to use it.

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