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Stop Being A "Punk A$$ Chauncey": Business Edition

Now, I'm being frank. I am only speaking for myself. Talking to my old self when I knew I wasn't fulfilled with work anymore. If you can relate, this is for you. Here goes.....

As my business grows, I get more and more questions about taking the leap from people who have
been watching my progress and are seeking advice for how to start a business of their own. They want to know the steps I took to be able to quit my job and go for Fancy Free full time. When did I know? My advice is standard.

1. Build your business while you are working.
This will require late nights and early mornings. You will be tired. You will get overwhelmed. You will shed tears. You will need weekly therapy to get through it without going crazy. Do it anyway.  
2. Get out of debt.
We all have debt. Create a budget. Make a plan. Pay it off. That's the only real way to get out of debt. There is no magic bullet. There are no secrets. Pay the debt. Do not create more debt.
3. Stick to your budget.
You've created a budget to get out of debt, now it's time to crunch the numbers. If you're married, set your budget up so your household can function on your spouse's income. If you're not married, make sure your business income can carry your bare bones necessities before you quit.
4. Time to jump!
When all of that is pretty much lined up, jump. Do it! Quit! Take the plunge. I say pretty much lined up because the timing will never look right in your eyes. You just have to do it. Close your eyes and let go.
However, I see the same people 6, 9, 12 months later and they haven't even STARTED THEIR BUSINESS!!! GURL! Do not be wasting my unlimited wifi data asking me questions if you aren't going to act on it.

But I know why. The reason you haven't started your business is because you're being a punk ass Chauncey. (If you ever watched "The Game" sitcom, you know what that means. If you haven't, you should watch it. It's very funny) You are scared! Ok. Your business doesn't start making money right away. But did you die? No. Your friends and family aren't supporting you the way you expected them to. But did you die? No. You're scared of what other's might say. Ummm...WHO CARES?!?!?

We've become a society where "What do you do?" is an ice breaker and a job description or title is the standard answer. Come on now. You are not your job. You are you. You are good at your job because of who you are but, again, you are not your job description. However, your ego won't allow you to let go of that idea. Your six figure salary and big wig title could be gone tomorrow, without warning. You're afraid to start "from the bottom" when you've spent years in a corner office with a view, delegating and being "important". We only get one life. Are you REALLY ok with living your life wondering "what if"? You're going to hold on to the six figure salary and not explore the possibilities of being able to generate seven and eight figures on your own terms? YOU are the only thing holding you back. Seriously.

Yes. You're going to have to make some lifestyle changes in the beginning. You're going to have to change the way you operate. An entrepreneur operates totally different than a director of a human resources department. You're going to have to read and develop a habit of personal growth. Becoming the best you is crucial to your business. Your job will send you to leadership programs to become a better leader to build their business. As an entrepreneur, you have to manage yourself before you even build a team to lead.

I will be honest. The first few years are humbling as HEYALL but it's fun to track your progress and see the breakthroughs. I left a stable income in healthcare, a pretty stable industry, to getting excited about the possibility of making $30,000. But it's MY $30,000! If I grind it out. Fix the kinks. Make tweaks. Hire the right marketing team. Bring a good sales team on board. That $30,000 can be $60,000-$75,000 within one year. ONE YEAR!!! Not that measley 2.5% yearly increase. Not that sales commision check. Imagine what your company is profiting off of your efforts if they're GIVING you a check. Think about it. Now, take that effort and apply it to growing your own business.

Alls I'm saying is deez jobs ain't loyal. My experience was that I had asked for an abbreviated work
week, my job told me no. Only to come back to me a few years later saying "We think your work can be done in 20 hours, you can go part time or you can take on more responsibility and stay on full time." Uh no. The part time position was perfect timing but I realized that it really wasn't an efficient use of my time, so I decided to leave. But I was in a position to do that because I had a plan.

You can leave on your own terms, like me, or get terminated but sooner or later, THEY decide your destiny, not you. I am almost certain my position would have eventually been eliminated or outsourced to the "mother" institution like a lot of other positions at my job. If it's in the back of your mind, stop being a punk a$$ Chauncey and start working toward leaving all of that stuff behind. Sure. It will be an adjustment, a big adjustment but you and your family will be better for it.

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