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My Struggles With Colored Hair

This one time, I was out with my husband and saw this girl with a beautiful blond bush. He said, "DO IT! I'll pay for it." I don't think he considered how much hair color costs. Like good hair color, done
a by a color specialist. It can cost a grip. Plus I had vowed to never color my hair again after getting highlights back in 2006 and experiencing thee worst dry and damaged hair. LOL! My...

Big Hair Problems

Big Hair is all fun and games until.....

1. You close your hair in your car door.
When my hair was long and straight, I thought getting my hair caught under my purse or bookbag straps was a nuisance. Nope. Closing my car door and turning to look for my phone in my purse, only to get yanked back cuz my hair is still outside. SMH

Yes. This is an actual bug that I
found in my hair. :-(
2. Wash day
I've got...
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