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The Simple Things

Although my friends call me Fancy, I'm a pretty simple girl. I like nice things but I'm easy to please. Does that even make sense? The people who know and love me completely understand. Here's a list of simple things that make me happy.
1. McDonald's Fruit and Maple Oatmeal
2. McDonald's Hot Fudge Sunday...with nuts please!
3. Sunbathing in my backyard, no extravagant vacation needed.
4. Riding public transportation
5. Andre`champagne
6. The Flea Market
7. Making up dances as my husband plays the drum
8. Grilled in the husk corn on the cob
9. Burnt-on-the-grill hot dogs served on a grilled hot dog bun topped with onions and mustard
10. Red Velvet cake with cream cheese icing
Now that I'm looking at this list, it seems that most of the things that make me happy are food items. LOL! 
I digress, in this time of economical strife, my husband and I have decided to buckle down and minimize our consumer debt. For us, that means enjoying the "Simple Things" more often instead of indulging expensive date nights as we had grown accustomed to doing. Having homemade breakfast in our backyard while enjoying an Andre` mimosa is more desirable than the expensive brunch we used to partake. Take the time to enjoy the simple things, you'll save LOTS of money. Hehe

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