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Growing closer to God should change you. Period. The process should make you think differently, which in turn changes the way you talk and act. It changes the decisions you make and how you respond to people.
In general, you become more understanding and are more likely to put yourself in the other person's shoes before you react. It's hard, at first. Not just because it's a process of change but also because the people who knew you way back when are going to throw the old you in your face. Most of the time it won't be on purpose. But don't get offended or take it personal. Put yourself in their shoes. Just take it as a compliment, remind yourself how far you've come, and smile. Remember, the changes have not gone unnoticed. If no one else notices, God does.
It's funny because people don't remember exactly what you said or did to them but they do remember how you made them feel. So pause for a second before you react, think about where the other person is coming from. Try to be more understanding because, believe it or not, everyone has a story.

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