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My girls and I went belly dancing yesterday. It was so fun watching other women's version of "sexy". There were all types of women in the class, big, small, young, old and all of them enjoying themselves while learning the art of belly dancing. And you know what, we enjoyed each other.
Which brought something to mind.
Why is it when a group of women get together, there is a bunch of anomosity in the room? You can cut the tension with a knife, sometimes, it's so thick. What is the big deal? I mean I'm guilty of it, too. The whole thinking, "What the h*ll is she looking at?" Sometimes I may roll my eyes at on lookers. Or even be more obnoxious and rude because I feel I have an audience. But, at my age I should be more mature and do the Christian thing, smile and say hello. Maybe even give a compliment to the on looker. There is always something nice you can say to someone.
Smiles are just as contagious as yawns and negativity. Lets make the world a better place and just smile at one another.

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