moisturizing castor oil blend
Castor Oil Blend for Hair & Skin

Castor Oil Blend for Hair & Skin

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Rejuvenate your hair and skin with this Fancy Free's signature Castor Oil blend. Complete with our proprietary ingredient that makes every Fancy Free moisturizer that much more effective.

Castor Oil prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth, prevents wide range skin ailments. It strengthen and helps tame frizzy hair.
Avocado Oil promotes shiny hair and retaining moisture in the skin.
Grapeseed Oil nourishes skin and hair with vitamins, antioxidant and essential fatty acids.
Rosemary Oil helps get rid of dandruff, promotes hair growth, has disinfectant properties that can help clear acne, evens complexion, fades stretch marks.
Lemon Oil fights acne and dandruff with antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.
Peppermint oil promotes hair growth and can help prevent hair loss.
Grapefruit Oil makes hair shiny and promotes hair growth.
LOC Method is recommended for extremely dry hair that is worn in protective styles or for wash and go's.
Instructions: Shake well. After shampooing with Fancy Free Clay Wash, apply a generous amount of oil to soaking wet hair and comb thru. Then apply Fancy Free Shea Pomade or Fancy Free Milk for Hair & Skin to wet hair and comb thru. Finger it through instead of combing if you are doing a “wash and go”. This will allow your curls to clump better. Plait or twist. Let hair air dry. If desired, blow dry.
Hot Oil Treatment Instructions: Warm the oil. After rinsing the clay wash out, apply a generous amount of oil to soaking wet hair and comb thru. Let sit in a conditioning cap for 4-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Style as desired.
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