Fall/Winter Body Scrub

Fall/Winter Body Scrub

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Fancy Free Body Scrub for silky skin going into the change of season. This salt scrub exfoliates, revealing brighter, smoother skin while sealing in moisture. This is not your typical body scrub, of course we added our Fancy Free secret sauce. The same secret sauce that makes our Whipped Shea For Hair & Skin and Milk for Hair & Skin so irresistible

Blackberry Bliss Scent: A charming blend of blackberry, jasmine,  and lemon with undertones of vanilla and musk.

Cashmere Vanilla Scent: Warm cashmere musk with sweet vanilla and soft woods.

Instructions: After showering or bathing, scoop a generous amount of scrub into your hands and massage into wet skin. Pay careful attention to areas that have visible flaky skin when dry: legs, elbows, heels. Rinse the scrub thoroughly. Pat your skin dry.

Warning: This product contains salt. Do not use on compromised areas of the skin. Wait 24-48 after shaving to use this scrub. It will make your shower floor slippery. Walk carefully after using.


Ingredients: Sea Salt, Olive Oil*, Sunflower Oil*, Stearic Acid, Refined Shea Butter*, Vitamin E, Palm Oil, Soy Oil*, Potassium Sorbate, Caprylic Acid, Lauric Acid, 1,3 Propanediol, Fragrance Oil 
* = Organic Ingredient

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