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Are you misunderstood?

One of life's greatest challenges can be being misunderstood. Look at how Kanye West acts out. He is not crazy, he acts out because he is frustrated. He is frustrated because he is misunderstood. Kanye just wants to create without limitations and bless the world with his genius. Having people question his intentions and ultimately stifle his blessing us is frustrating to him, so he acts out and is labeled as crazy or a misfit, when he is simply misunderstood.

Most geniuses are considered crazy, just because they think differently than the masses. Just because someone doesn't understand what you're doing doesn't mean that what you're doing is not valuable. They just don't understand it....yet. Sometimes they will never understand and that's OK too. What I love about Kanye is that he knows that people think he's crazy and does not care. He knows that he is going to be misunderstood before he opens his mouth and he says what he wants to say anyway....and MEANS IT!!!

The same goes for me. In conversation, I process things pretty quickly, and start thinking faster than my mouth can communicate. So, my responses can sound...well....crazy. It can be frustrating when someone doesn't read your mind and think and process the way you do. LOL! I feel misunderstood.

I have learned that my perspective and my point of view are just that, mine. There are sooooo many interesting point of views out there. I have realized that everyone doesn't want what I want or see what I see and it's AWESOME! I have learned to ask more questions and do less talking, so that I'm not misunderstood as often.....like Kanye. My mind still processes quickly but by listening more, I have time to come up with coherent sentences that don't make me sound like a total nut job.

Everyone does not have to understand you. Genius ideas are considered borderline crazy at first. Don't be afraid to be different and to think like an individual. If you don't care about being misunderstood, get your "Yeezy" on, speak your mind as soon as the thoughts hit you, no matter how esoteric they may sound. I have learned that I come off as less of a crazy person when I listen more than I talk. The people who "get" me know my heart is genuine and anything I say comes from a good place even if it comes out sounding ridiculous.

Life would be boring if we were all the same. Even as a genius, life is better when you're able to communicate with people who think differently than you. Thinking like a artistic genus is only fun when people are interested in the art you share. I love Kanye for not caring but I don't want to offend people when I talk. So I ask questions and listen. My point of view isn't the end.

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