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Being Honest - What You Stand To Lose When You Tell The Truth

Honesty is the best policy. Being honest says more about you than most anything you do. However,
everyone isn't ready for the truth and what the truth means to them. There are consequences to being completely honest. Sometimes telling the truth will result in loses. Be prepared but always be honest.

Things You May Lose When You Tell The Truth 

1. Guilt 
Whether it be revealing your true feelings or telling a business owner about a huge mistake you made with payroll. Telling someone who you love them can relieve lots of guilt if they pass. We know they knew how we felt. There is no guilty feeling of "I never told them that I loved them." Suppose we make an error while processing payroll but do not let anyone know. The havoc associated with bounced pay checks and bank fees might be profound. Imagine how guilty you would feel watching the business owner see the consequences of your error. Knowing that being honest about your mistake could have, at the very least, mentally prepared the owner for what was to come or, even better, take measures to fix the error.

2. Lack of respect 
No matter how harsh it may come out, the truth is always respected. We gain respect when we have the courage to speak on the things that are hard to say. If someone did not respect you, they will after you have been honest about something that most people will not. A reputation for being honest is much more respected than a reputation for being "nice".

3. Weak associations 
 Whether it be family or friends, only weak people do not want to hear the truth about themselves or a situation. Personal growth comes when you work toward becoming a better person, which begins with owning your truth. Everyone is not in that space at the same time. Everyone is not strong enough to face those hard truths about themselves. While it is perfectly fine to accept people for who they are and where they are in life, people who are not ready to face their own issues usually shy away from someone who is completely honest. If you are in a space of growth, associations with people who are not growing can stunt your growth. Be honest anyway and let those weak associations go.

 Honesty is the best policy. Being honest will keep you from feeling guilty about not sharing necessary information. You will also gain respect from many and keep up gain an honest reputation. People who are not strong enough to face their own truth will avoid someone who is. Be honest anyway. It is perfectly fine to no longer associate with people who do not encourage your growth.

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