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Dating - Five Things You're Doing Wrong

Most women dream of meeting their soul mate, dating, getting married, and living happily ever after. These dreams come crashing down for a multitude of reasons. Are you having trouble in the relationship department? What is it that you could be doing wrong? A book called The Rules outlines the do's and dont's of dating for women. Here is a summary.

1. You attract who you are.
Work on yourself before you worry about getting a boyfriend. If you don't like who you are attracting, try making some improvements in your own life. A mate does not complete you, he compliments you. Make sure you are happy with yourself and you will attract an AWESOME man who is perfect for you. Keyword is "ATTRACT", not find. The bible says it best, The one who finds a good wife has found something good, And he receives Jehovah's favor. Proverbs 18:22 God did not instruct women to search for a husband. Make yourself accessible but let him find you.
2. Do NOT call first.
A man who insists on giving you his number and is not begging for yours is not that interested in you. Men are competitive. When a man wants a woman, he will go after her. Do not call a man who offers you his business card unless it's for business purposes. If you exchange numbers, wait for him to call you. Don't worry. He will call when he is ready.
3. He must make plans for you.
Do not accept last-minute date invitations. He must schedule his time with you at LEAST 3 days in advance. Remember, you are busy being great and your calendar fills quickly. If he doesn't adjust after 3 failed attempts, he is not that interested. When he finally gets on your calendar, let him plan the date. Your job is to show up, look pretty and enjoy his company. You should not worry about where you all are going and what you will be doing.
4. Do not accept mediocre treatment.
The treatment we accept dictates how people treat us. Make your standards clear. Men do not read between the lines. His efforts must match his promises. Trust your instincts. If something does not seem right, it probably isn't. Do not have sex until you are in a committed relationship. Having sex too soon can cloud your judgement and possibly make you irrational.On the other end of the spectrum, if you see that a man has gone through great lengths to do something for you, do not knock his efforts. Acknowledge them and nicely offer suggestions.
5. Practice dating.
You don't get good at anything until you practice. Go out with any guy who asks properly, even if you are not attracted to him. You never know if he is a great catch until you get to know him. You should keep your options open. And practice makes perfect. Practice dating so that when you meet "The One", you will not make rookie mistakes.

If you are single and dating. Have fun! Still go out with your girlfriends and family, travel, and become even greater than you already are. Enjoy life as a single woman. Marriage is a beautiful thing but it comes with other troubles. Every guy you go out with is not your future husband. Don't get attached too quickly.Watch what he does and not what he says.

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