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Finding Balance - Creating Balance Between Work and Personal Life

Everyone wants to have it all. It is possible but has its challenges. It takes planning, discipline and consistency. Some suggest that you can't have your cake and eat it too. Others feel like you can have it all, just not at the same time. When a person's career is going well, their personal life is usually lacking. When your personal life is on point, you may feel like you have plateaued in business or career. Your business and personal can flourish at the same time.
Here are some tips to help support the balance between work life and personal life.

1. Decide what is important to you.
Personal preference is most important. If you have decided that being successful in business while not abandoning your family in the process is important to you, your actions will be in line with your mindset. The way you work will be in line with your vision.

2. Maintaining balance is not easy but worth it.
While there are creative solutions to every problem, sometimes you will have to make career related sacrifices to deal with household situations. Other times you will have to make personal sacrifices to handle business. Know that you can't do everything every time and will have to make difficult decisions. Being mentally ready for these kinds of challenges makes them easier to handle. Having the right mindset will help you manage them with ease. Be open to compromise and also be ready to make sacrifices to support the vision you have for your life. Never panic. Everything works out in the end.

3. Schedule your down time as diligently as you schedule activities.
Burn out is very common for ambitious people. When trying to do it all, it may seem like there is no time for down time. However, there is time if you schedule it in. Make your schedule so that there is at least one day a week where you have nothing scheduled during the day or nothing scheduled in the evening. If that is not possible, arrange your schedule so that you have one weekend a month that is free. Use it how you want to use it but schedule it in. Your mind and body need rest just as much as they need stimulation.

Decide what is most important to you in life. Know that there are creative solutions to most problems and other times you will have to make tough sacrifices. Be mentally prepared to deal with these kinds of challenges. Most importantly, schedule down time to avoid burn out. Let your mind and body rest so that you can tackle your challenges in a clear head space. Applying these concepts will create a balanced work life and personal life that flourish simultaneously.

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