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Friendship - When To End A Friendship

Personal growth is a normal part of life. We become aware of areas in our own lives that need improvement. We also start noticing behaviors in others that are not in line with our own growth. People grow at their own pace. Don't try to force your own goals on someone else. At the same time, being in around people who do not have similar goals can stunt your own growth. Sometimes, loving someone from a distance is the best thing you can do for yourself and the other person. Here are some examples.

4 Types Of Relationships To Distance Yourself From

1. They always need something.
Relationships should add value to your life, not drain you. If you have a friend that always needs something, back away slowly. They need to borrow money. They need a ride somewhere. They need you to do them a favor. They need you to babysit. The whole relationship is about what you can do for them. They have not added much of anything to your life. We all need each other but when you find that this person can't function without needing help from someone, it's time to stop being so accessible. Deal with them on your own terms from a distance.

2. Everything is about them.
In conversation, there is no concern about your feelings or life or anything to do with you. Even when you start talking about what's going on with you, they find a way to talk about themselves. When you are together, they make a point to redirect any focus or attention from you to them. When you ask them to do something, there is hesitation or they never follow through. When it comes to you, they have a reason why they can't support. Self absorbed people don't make good friends. Acknowledge that everyone isn't where you are and decrease the amount of time you spend with this type of person.

3. They have a problem for every solution.
Life is full of challenges. Sometimes we feel defeated. Negative people dwell in defeat and do not want to move forward. If your friend calls you upset, your natural response will be to try to help them find solutions. However, if this friends has a reason why they can't use solutions every time you offer one, no matter the situation, it's time to distance yourself. Not only can you not be helpful, this person does not want help. Save your breath, just listen to them vent but don't consume yourself with trying to help. Negative people don't want a solution, they don't want you bettering yourself either. If you want to continue on your path of becoming a better you, stay far away from problem finders.

4. The slightest misunderstanding sends them over the edge.
In any kind of relationship, misunderstanding is inevitable. If you have a relationship that is at risk of crumbling at the first sign of disagreement, move away. Emotionally unstable relationships cause unnecessary stress. Being able to speak your opinion openly is what makes friendships great. If someone wants to end their friendship with you because you don't agree with their opinion or perspective, let them end it. Staying away from stressful situations is better for your health and sanity.

Life reveals who is genuine and adding value to your life. It is important to recognize when a relationship is one-sided and does not add to your growth. As you travel on the path to greatness, surround yourself with people who want as much for themselves as you want for yourself. Do not feel bad about moving away from people who do not.

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