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2017: The Year In Review

In September, I started Darren Hardy's Insane Productivity program because I needed help figuring out ways that I could be more productive in a shorter amount of time. No more all-nighters. No sitting on the couch with a laptop when you have a toddler. One of the things I learned through this program was that I was spending WAY too much time on my phone. Text messages. Group chat. And the biggest...

Friendship - When To End A Friendship

Personal growth is a normal part of life. We become aware of areas in our own lives that need improvement. We also start noticing behaviors in others that are not in line with our own growth. People grow at their own pace. Don't try to force your own goals on someone else. At the same time, being in around people who do not have similar goals can stunt your own growth. Sometimes, loving someone...

Husbands Need Wives

How does the saying go? "Behind every good man is an even greater woman." Some feminists may say it should read "beside" instead of "behind". To me, it doesn't matter because marriage is a partnership, the "Ultimate Merger". A woman can be beside, behind, in front of....where ever she is, please believe she is "ghost bossing" her husband's life. Whether it is picking out his clothes, managing his...
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