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Healthy Energy - Getting A Boost of Energy Without The Calories

In today's society, everyone is expected to do more with less. The cost of living is increasing exponentially
faster than the rate of salary increase. Companies are asking staff to increase productivity with less resources. Gone are the days when one parent was able to stay home to raise their children and handle household duties. Both parents are working outside of the home for a majority of the day and still raising children while trying to maintain the house. Students are bombarded with significantly more information than their parents and grandparents in the same number of days in a school year and, in some cases, the same resources. Yet, we do not have more hours in the day to be more productive. What is the result? People are tired. It seems everyone is looking for ways to boost their energy levels so that they can meet the demands of life.

When looking for a boost of energy, diet is the first place to look. Making sure the level of processed foods consumed are kept to a minimum. Processed foods in your pantry are any foods that are stored in a bag that do not expire or go bad within a couple of months. That is cereal, chips, microwave popcorn, candy, ready made desserts, etc. Processed food in your refrigerator and freezer is anything that is not in it's natural state. Lunch meat, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, dairy, sausage, sauces, condiments, bread, etc. Read the ingredients of your packaged food. If the ingredients have more than three syllables, you probably shouldn't eat it. Everything we need to nourish and energize our bodies has already been put on the earth. The body does not know how to process and eliminate those manufactured ingredients. Consuming them can lead to all types of health issues, fatigue being one of them.

Eliminating as many artificial ingredients from the diet is a good first step to becoming more energetic so that productivity can be increased when needed. However, there are times when a boost of energy is needed to make it through the evening exercise class, finishing up a project, or even an all night study session. Caffeine is a great source of energy and does have some health benefits. However, caffeinated drinks and energy drinks contain ingredients that are not healthy. Coffee and tea provide a healthy dose of caffeine with no harmful side effects. What can make coffee and tea as unhealthy as the other energy drinks are the sweeteners, keeping sugar and cream to a minimum. Caffeine is available in other forms besides a drink, which can be consumed without the calories from sugar and other ingredients. Certain vitamin supplements can give an energy boost as well.

In order to be more productive with less time, more energy and focus is required. Take a look at the kind of food being consumed if chronic fatigue is a problem. For a quick boost of energy, stay away from energy drinks. Caffeinated coffee and tea work well and is healthy as long as the cream and sugar is kept to a minimum. Caffeine and vitamin supplements in situations when there is no access to coffee or tea.

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