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Mentoring - Finding A Mentor And Benefiting

The dictionary defines a mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor. Everyone should have a mentor,
maybe even multiple mentors. No matter the area of life you are working to improve, seeking advice from someone with more experience than you is always beneficial.

1. A mentor is experienced.
The age of your mentor does not matter because age is not always an indicator of experience levels. Someone younger than you may have accomplished great things and can help you along the way to your goals. If you are looking marital advice, someone who has never been married, even if they are older than you, cannot mentor you in that area of life because they have never experienced marriage.

2. Make sure you can trust your mentor.
It is important that your mentor is trustworthy and reliable. Look at their behavior patterns and talk to people who work with your mentor. Can you trust someone's advice if they don't honor their word? Look at some of the success stories of other mentees. If your mentor can help them, he or she can most certainly help you. Trusting your mentor will give their advice more merit. Your mentor wants your success as badly as you do. When you trust your mentor, you know that listening to them is to your benefit.

3. Do what the mentor tells you to do.
When talking to someone seasoned in the subject you are learning about, listen to what they say and consider everything your mentor recommends. Those recommendations come from lessons learned after making countless mistakes on their journey to success. They will help you reach your end goals faster. You won't spend valuable time learning from your own mistakes. Your journey is more efficient because you are making decisions based on lessons someone else made instead of your own missteps.

4. Successful people are passionate.
The average successful person loves to talk about what they do because they are passionate about it so they become mentors to those who have reached out for guidance. There is a genuine wish to help. This form of philanthropy is more valuable than giving money alone.

If you are already successful and are not mentoring the next generation, seriously consider it. Not only will you add value to someone else's life by helping them fulfill their dreams, mentoring offers just as much enrichment to the mentor as it does to the mentee. If you are venturing off into new territory in career, business, or life in general, forming a relationship with a mentor is one of the first things you should do. Watching someone in their element and taking things in can inspire you to create bigger things than you ever imagined. A mentor will help you clarify your goals and help you create a fool-proof plan to get what you want out of life.

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