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Fancy Free Life Secrets

The Shea-M of It All

As a newly minted naturalista, I spent a lot of time AND money trying out different hair products. I could never find anything that got it quite right which is why I started making my own. However, Shea Moisture quickly became one of my staple products for shampooing and conditioning. So much so that I often recommend it to my Natural Hair Consult clients. It's relatively inexpensive and chemical...

How to Start a Business - The First Steps in Starting a Business

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The internet has made starting a business from the comfort of your own home more possible than ever before. Although there is nothing easy about the life of an entrepreneur, the reward of a successful venture is immeasurable. The most difficult part of starting a business is actually getting started. Some people...

Staying Focused - 4 Steps To Help You Stay Focused On Your Goals
One of the first big steps you take when starting your journey towards making your dreams come true is
writing down your goals. Visualizing really helps. Making a list, post it notes on your mirror, vision boards. All of those things help keep your goals right in front of your face. However, goals without action are simply wishes.


How Fancy Free Came To Be

Growing My Relaxer Out

I grew up in a salon, my great aunt's salon. A blue magic, press and curl, Marcel irons salon. My whole family grew up with long, healthy, relaxed hair. So, when I told my mother I wanted to grow my relaxer out
Since big hair was attainable with relaxed hair, I kept relaxing my hair for about 10 more years. After 3 degrees, a husband, and reaching my career goals, I was now...

What's your number?
In 2013, I started my first home based business. I started it fort he tax benefits only. I really wasn't looking to
be a full on entrepreneur. Let's face it. I have a cushy job as a supervisor. That comes easy to me. I re-direct, delegate, and solve problems. I get paid for what I know, not what I do. I take that back. I get paid to accomplish goals and...

Being Honest - What You Stand To Lose When You Tell The Truth
Honesty is the best policy. Being honest says more about you than most anything you do. However,
everyone isn't ready for the truth and what the truth means to them. There are consequences to being completely honest. Sometimes telling the truth will result in loses. Be prepared but always be honest.

Things You May Lose When You...

5 Things You Should Know Before You Start Your Own Business

The US economy is very fickle. That proved very relevant in 2008 in the crash of the housing market, which had a domino effect on the entire job and stock market. Yes, the economy is cyclical and periodically corrects itself, which sometimes means that your job is at risk. What is the solution? Work for yourself or become an entrepreneur. While entrepreneurship is not an easy course of action, it...

Busy vs. Productive

In this day in age, everyone is soooooo busy. Busy building a brand. Busy changing lives. Busy on
social media. Busy walking in circles. Busy protesting. Busy rallying. Busy doing nothing. LOL! Yes, sometimes I say I'm busy because I don't want to do anything. A consistently full schedule can be exhausting. Sometimes you do need to schedule in "nothing" also known as down time.

Being a business...

Email Etiquette - Something To Keep In Mind Before You Click Send

In any professional setting, email is a very effective way to communicate. Email is efficient and fast. It is traceable and allows for time stamped documentation. It is also permanent. Although some email providers allow the sender to recall a message, recovering a sent email is not guaranteed. Therefor, careful consideration of email content is necessary to support integrity within your business...

Mentoring - Finding A Mentor And Benefiting
The dictionary defines a mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor. Everyone should have a mentor,
maybe even multiple mentors. No matter the area of life you are working to improve, seeking advice from someone with more experience than you is always beneficial.

1. A mentor is experienced.
The age of your mentor does not matter...

Excuses - How To Self-Sabotage By Making Excuses
Making excuses for why you don't have what you want in life does not get you any closer to having it. The best way to not be successful is to find a reason not to do something or make excuses for why you cannot do it. Here are the most common excuses people make.

"I forgot"
In the age of...

The Definition of Leadership
The dictionary defines leadership as a person who guides or directs a group. A true leader has a way
of motivating people to move and work toward a common goal with enthusiasm with or without a title of authority. How can you recognize a leader in your life? How can you recognize the leader in yourself?

Leaders Listen More Than They Talk
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