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One of the things that I've learned in life is that everyone can teach you something. EVERYONE. I pride myself on adding value to all of my relationships. However, always being a giver can be draining. The blessing in being a giver and a helper is that you attract other givers and helpers. I am surrounded by awesome people who are always willing to lend a helping hand offer knowledge.
In the past 3 months, I have learned a LOT about people around me as well as learned a lot from them. 

Most importantly I learned two very pertinent things that have changed the way I look at my health and how I take care of my hair. Priorities. LOL!
Lesson #1: All smoothies are not created equal.
I have a girlfriend and business partner who battles with high blood pressure and has to watch her diet so she does not become an insulin dependent diabetic. We're having girl talk at her dining room table and she's telling the story about how her doctor tried to come for the nutritional supplement we are marketing. The doctor compares the ingredients to one of the products they are marketing in the doctor's office and sees that what we have is better. My girlfriend had been putting the product, a protein shake, in her breakfast smoothie. And just like me, the breakfast smoothie had been consisting of mostly fruit and maybe some kale or spinach. We all know fruit has natural sugars but what we didn't consider is that making a fruit smoothie may overload you with sugar. Even though fruit sugar is not bad for you. Too much of anything is not good. The doctor explained that the breakfast smoothies should have more vegetables than fruit to avoid sugar overload.
Imagine that. All these years, I've been doing the breakfast smoothie and was going it wrong. Now I know. LOL!

Lesson #2: Beauty secrets in unexpected places
With my natural hair consults business, I also make a product. Whipped shea butter with some added oils to help with the most common problem in our natural hair community, keeping hair moisturized. I was at my cousin's birthday dinner, talking with her friends about hair and different products and techniques. My mother just so happened to have some of my product samples in her purse. Gotta love mothers. Then, my cousin's friend tells me one of the best products to seal moisture in skin and hair. This product helps protect from heat when heat styling. Something else you can get from the grocery store. The product is......Crisco. Yes, the Crisco shortening that our grandmothers use for cooking. Go ahead and Google it. People have been using Crisco for YEARS in their beauty regimen. Just don't eat it. LOL!

I am always listening and learning. My way is tried and true for me but I know there could be a better way out there. Life teaches us everyday. All lessons aren't taught in the classroom. Education can be anywhere. Have an open mind and you will be able to learn beyond what you ever imagined.

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