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Fancy Free Life Secrets

The Shea-M of It All

As a newly minted naturalista, I spent a lot of time AND money trying out different hair products. I could never find anything that got it quite right which is why I started making my own. However, Shea Moisture quickly became one of my staple products for shampooing and conditioning. So much so that I often recommend it to my Natural Hair Consult clients. It's relatively inexpensive and chemical...

The Fancy Life On Fleek

Lordt. Jesus. Can time slow down? Life comes at you FAST!

Two years ago, I officially started my company, Fancy Free, LLC. I initially started it to operate my rental property expenses and my direct sales business but things happened and now it's an umbrella company, I like to refer to it as a lifestyle company. That includes "managing" my husband's Turn Up-ologist gigs and selling hair product and...

Fancy's Hair Horror Story

Yes. Me and my perfect hair have horror stories. LOL! I'm being dramatic but I was kind of traumatized. Let's start from the beginning.

Bantu Knots
I did not do the big chop. I transitioned. Like straight transition with no weave or anything. My philosophy is that you should enjoy your hair at each phase of growth and naturalness. When I first cut the last inch of my relaxed hair off, I mostly wore...
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