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Time Management - Five Ways To Make A Better Use Of Your Time

Do you feel like there is never enough time in the day to finish everything you need to do? Do you wonder how the moguls do it? Juggling family, work, business, recreation, and love life is a challenge but it is not impossible. There are some tricks to the trade that can help you get it all done.

1. Plan your work and work your plan.
Write your goals down for all areas of your life. Big or small, write them all down. Set a date for when you want to have each goal accomplished. Break your long-term goals down into small steps. Then, list the small steps in your daily to-do list. Small accomplishments will eventually lead to large victories.

2. Tackle the tough things first.
Once you have your to-do list, prioritize your tasks based on urgency and difficulty. It's human nature to want to avoid difficult tasks. Make it a habit to tackle the most urgent and difficult tasks first. You will feel accomplished early in the day and more motivated to knock the rest of it out.

3. Assign a set amount of time to work on large, long-term projects.
Most people have multiple projects at once. Work on them daily in small chunks of time, instead of emerging yourself in one thing too long. e.g. You have more than 3000 contacts that you need to manually enter. Enter 50 per day or work on data entry for one hour per day. This will make that project feel less overwhelming. It also helps you focus on getting it done because you know you are only working on it for a short time. When you come back to it, your brain will be fresh. Plus, you will not neglect the other projects you are working on.

5. Technology is your friend.
Having a smart phone can really keep you on top of everything. Syncing your calendars with your phone is almost as good as hiring a real assistant. Make a habit of putting any non-routine items on your calendar, so you won't forget what you have to do and you'll be reminded BEFORE the event. Put as much information about the event or task in your calendar as possible. That way, everything you need will be in one place. e.g. You schedule a call with Mary at 6 pm on Tuesday. Put Mary's phone number right there in the calendar. When you get a reminder or notification, her number is right there, minimizing the steps you need to take to call her.

4. Delegate!
The housekeeping service is probably not going to clean your house as good as you do. Your husband is not going to fold the laundry as perfect as you'd like. Pay your kid, niece or nephew to put those 3000 contacts into your database. By delegating tasks, you free up time to focus on what is important.
Life comes at you fast. Don't panic. Make a plan. If you are having small victories daily, it will be easier to see your long-term goals through to completion. Let your calendar in your smart phone remind you, so you don't have to think about what's next. Don't sweat the small stuff, let someone else handle it.

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